The District Board meets 2 times a year in person.


District 2 Board met at Trollhaugen in September 2023 for their Fall Meeting

Back Row: Darrin Lee, Rob Kodalen, Ernie Fosse

MiddleRow: Mark Agerter, Nancy Holter, Laurie Berg, Seth Tufteland, Chris Hicks, Cindy McManus

Front Row: James Wraalstad, Joanne Gray, Jerry Erickson, Judy Moxley, Roberta Morrow


Speaking of District 2 Officers, a Big Welcome to Sally Dwyer stepping into the Zone 6 Director position. 

Sally Dwyer, Zone 6 Director President, Fedrelandet Lodge (Petersburg, AK)

District 2 Board met at Bothell Lodge for the Spring Meeting

On Screen: Jerry Erickson Back Row: Cynthia McManus, Seth Tufteland, Mark Agerter, Duane Esperum, Nancy Holter, Erick Balstad Front Row: James Wraalstad, Darrin Lee, Ernie Foss, Vernene Scheurer, Roberta Morrow, Joanne Gray, Chris Hicks, Judy Moxley, Rob Kodalen Not Pictured: Laurie Berg, Hanna Persson and Alisha Anunson

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