Folk Art at the Convention

At each biennial convention, the host lodge sponsors a room for a cultural exhibit. This exhibit is in two parts: those who are submitting their artworks in competition in hopes of winning a ribbon and those who have created works and wish simply to show them. The competition is for items made in the last two years in the following categories, produced by one of four classes of exhibitors (children or grandchildren of lodge members who are 15 and under, youth 16 to 20, and adults, either Professional or Amateur).


  1. Rosemaling
    2. Weaving (Norwegian design)
    3. Hardanger embroidery
    4. Needlework (e.g., Klostersom & Diamantsom and other traditional needle work with a Norwegian theme)
    5. Hand knitting (Norwegian theme)
    6. Crocheting and tatting
    7. Figure carving (Norwegian motif)
    8. Relief carving (Norwegian motif)
    9. Chip carving
    10. Bentwood
    11. Other hand crafts (Norwegian motif)
    12. Other media, including but not limited to photography, with a Norwegian theme or motif.

In each category and class, first, second and third place ribbons will be awarded, as well as additional awards for Best of Show and People’s Choice.

Swedish Weaving - Pillow 2nd place
Swedish Weaving - Blanket - 1st Place and Best of Class
Swedish Weaving -Peoples Choice Award
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